Wellness Platform

EnergyLounger offers a cutting-edge, full-body red and near-infrared light therapy device designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall wellness. Our ergonomic design not only stimulates the body's natural healing but also provides stress relief, pain alleviation, and skin health improvement. With EnergyLounger, experience enhanced relaxation and rejuvenation during every session.


Your benefits.

Reduce pain & stiffness.

One solution for pain relief, relaxation, improved blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, improved sleep, enhanced muscle recovery, stress relief, boosted immunity, enhanced athletic performance, and cell regeneration.

More relaxation.

Experience light therapy like never before with the EnergyLounger, the most advanced and comfortable full-body solution in the world of red and near-infrared therapy.

Improve blood circulation & cell regeneration.

Take charge of your health with the EnergyLounger, a cutting-edge device that helps reduce pain and stiffness, promotes relaxation,
and improves blood circulation and cell regeneration for overall well-being.

EnergyLounger wellness platform


Boost your energy levels and circadian rhythm with full-body light therapy.

Enhance recovery.

Experience a much quicker recovery and pain relief.

Boosted immunity.

Scientifically proven to support overall wellness and immune system functions.

For less stress.

Helps to reduce mental & physical stress and promotes endorphin production.

I have a very busy stressful lifestyle. The energy lounge certainly lives up to its name. After the 20min session which was very relaxing, certainly recharged my batteries,. I emerged with newly found energy and motivation which had a lasting effect on my body and mind.
Julius Borbely Director
I loved it! The warmth of the bed and the ergonomics resulted in a wonderfully relaxing experience. I honestly could have fallen asleep on it
Dr Anna Keen
I was impressed how comfortable and relaxed I felt after just a few minutes
Rachel Awang
Our customers are so impressed with the reduction in pain and freedom of movement after just a few sessions
Dr Dante Lee